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Fact about Plumber Drummoyne

Located in Sydney’s Inner West, Drummoyne is situated on the peninsula surrounded by three bodies of water, Five Dock Bay, Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour. Many properties in Drummoyne are located on the water or enjoy water views, it is also home of the Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre. Victoria Road is a major route to the CBD and is one of Sydney’s busiest roads, cutting through the centre of Drummoyne.Living in such a beautiful part of Sydney surrounded by water comes with some responsibility by residents to ensure the waterways are kept as clean as possible for everyone to enjoy. Curious what this has to do with you? How many times have you mowed your lawn and washed grass and debris into the stormwater drain rather than sweeping it up?

The storm water drains need to be kept clear of household debris with over 5,000 homes in the Drummoyne area we all need to do the right thing and keep garden waste out of the drains. This includes cleaning of your gutters and storm water drains to ensure they are flowing properly and are clear of any debris. Call Drummoyne Plumber who using a water jetter can clear easily debris from your gutters and stormwater for you.

Plumber Drummoyne

Drummoyne Offer’s Plumbing Service

We offer so many plumbing services and we can be relied on to sort it out for you no matter what happens.

Blocked Drains

Plumber Drummoyne Blocked Drains

Kathy let out the water in the laundry tub as she walked out the back door to hang out the delicates.

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumber Drummoyne Emergency Plumbing

Dillon ran out of the bathroom giggling before Anna could catch him and march him back to the sink. It wasn’t only hand washing.

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Hot Water

Plumber Drummoyne Hot Water

John winked at his little sister. She was staying in Sydney with her new boyfriend, and he seemed alright. They were spending the weekend.

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Pipe Relining

Plumber Drummoyne Pipe Relining

The pipe relining technique eliminates the need for this disruptive procedure for repairing drains or sewer pipes…

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Facts about Drummoyne

Drummoyne was first settled in 1794 with 10 land grants being issued however, it wasn’t until 1810 when Provost. Marshal William Gore was granted 150 acres of land in Drummoyne the development of Drummoyne began.

Life was tough for the first residents of the area as the water supply was originally self-service meaning the settlers were required to find and build a well or collect water from their roofs. Two service reservoirs were erected in 1888 on the corner of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road to supply water to the North Shore.

Water was carried from the Ryde Pumping Station through a rising main, crossing the Lane Cove River via a pipe suspension bridge.

As the population of Artarmon grew along with the successful brickmaking industry 1828-1959, “sanitary men” were introduced to collect and remove sewerage overnight with horses and carts. Some fortunate areas were supplied with a sewer as early as 1899, but comprehensive coverage didn’t occur until 1920.

Plumber Drummoyne Fact

Still not sure, here are 7 reasons why you should call Plumber Drummoyne…

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    We value professionalism

    Guaranteed appointment time with a curtesy call on approach

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    We Value Integrity

    2. Guaranteed price provided for all work before we even lift a wrench

  • 3

    100% Quality Service

    All of our plumbing work is guaranteed 100%

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    We Handle Emergencies

    Plumbing Emergency Services available 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays

  • 5

    Cost Effective Services

    FREE plumbing and safety inspection provided giving you peace of mind

  • 6

    Equipped and on Time

    Our vehicles are fully stocked with the necessary tools and parts to get the job done

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    We specialise in clearing blocked drains of all types, we will get your drains flowing again

Our Plumbers are experts in all facets of plumbing and have been trained to tackle any plumbing emergency or DIY disaster you can think of as well as;

  • Maintaining or replacing Hot Water Systems and Solar Hot Water installations

  • Repairing or replacing dripping, faulty tapware

  • Repairing toilets that are damaged, leaking or need replacing/updating

  • Gas Services repairs to existing lines, installation of new lines, bayonets and LPG conversions

  • Locating and repairing leaking water pipes

  • Ecologically friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced

  • Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, CCTV camera inspections, repairs, re-lined or re-run


What People Say

"Very friendly, helpful. Would use again!"




"Very friendly, helpful. Would use again!"

"Professional and courteous, very efficient. Will continue to use your service"




"Professional and courteous, very efficient. Will continue to use your service"

"Appreciated the time taken to explain things as work was being done"




"Appreciated the time taken to explain things as work was being done"

"Pleasant young man who explained things well. Also did a good job of selling membership!"




"Pleasant young man who explained things well. Also did a good job of selling membership!"

"Very polite, and very quick work. Thanks"




"Very polite, and very quick work. Thanks"

"Very happy with quick response time of appointment. Serviceman was clean, friendly and professional"




"Very happy with quick response time of appointment. Serviceman was clean, friendly and professional"

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Drummoyne Featured Services

Plumber Drummoyne 25% Off

Drummoyne Plumber called to help a Childcare Toilet Emergency

Running a childcare centre is a challenge in itself. Some days the kids are reasonably behaved, other times they are crazy and out of control. It was windy and cold and the kids were running around wildly in the playground, on a real buzz with all of the energy in the air.

Sally approached me to report an incident that felt was not the right thing to do. Two of the little kids that would have to be the worst behaved kids in the universe, decided that they were going to have a contest to see how many things they can shove in the toilet before it overflows on their feet.

I thanked Sally for her diligence as I composed my thoughts and headed down to the toilet block to sort out the mess the boys were making. As I entered the toilets as hush came over the gather group of children which meant that they were up to something.

“What on Earth are you two doing?” Mark and Jeremy were trying flush another child’s shoes down the toilet. The toilet was starting to overflow and they had packed it up with toilet paper and kept flushing it continuously. Water flooded out the entire toilet block and I organised all of the children to hurry outside before closing the main door.

Luckily I had used the services of my Neighbourhood Plumber Drummoyne and the number was on my speed dial. Within the hour the plumber had arrived to help me sort out the mess these two little devils had made. We had found that along with shoes there were action figures jammed in the base of the toilet.

The plumber was able to clear the blockages and quickly water jetted the floor free of remaining contaminants ready for the cleaning crew. If you need to rely on a plumber in an emergency, do not hesitate to call 0402 290 290