Blocked Drain Specialists

As one of the leading providers of drainage solutions in Drummoyne, we ensure to deliver fast plumbing services at the highest possible standard. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly skilled to handle all types of blocked drains.

What are the major causes of blocked drains?

  • Root infiltration into the sewer line
  • Accumulation of debris such as silt and building materials
  • Build-up of grease and fat on the interior walls of drain pipes
  • Flushing of non-degradable toiletries such as wet wipes and tampons

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the sewer maintenance equipment utilised by our Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • Hydro-jet cleaning system
  • Electric Eel drain cleaning machine
  • RootX, a root intrusion solution
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • High strength acid

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Blocked Drains in Drummoyne

Kathy let out the water in the laundry tub as she walked out the back door to hang out the delicates. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful deep blue. A perfect day to do the washing. She picked up her now empty washing basket and returned to the laundry. The washing machine would be almost done by now. She passed the laundry tub and stopped. The water was still sitting there. It should have drained by now .She put her hand in and swished the water around, thinking an air pocket would help it drain. No little vortex appeared. Frowning, she put her bucket down, noticing at the same time the washing machine was struggling to drain as well. It also fed into the waste line as the tub.

She immediately called her local Drummoyne Plumber. Even though it was Sunday, he was available to help. He arrived within the hour. Kathy showed him to the blocked sink and watched as he had a look at it. He tried plunging it a couple of times and had a modicum of success. He kept plunging until all the water had cleared. He then checked under the sink to see where the washing machine hose joined the pipe. There was still a slight blockage, but the washing machine was draining now. They waited until the washing machine finished its cycle before the Plumber pulled apart the drainage. The pipe was clogged with lint and soap scum. A couple of leaves had also been caught in the gunk. The Drummoyne Plumber cleaned it out as best he could before reinstalling it. He then pulled out a bottle of drain acid and poured some down the sink hole. He let it sit for a few minutes before running water through the pipes to rinse it away. He filled the laundry tub up and then let it all out. The tub drained away perfectly. Kathy did a short cycle on the washing machine as well. It also drained away with no problem. Her Drummoyne Plumber had gotten her out of a pickle again!

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Stopped up storm drainpipes, completely new cameras have already been introduced, generally known as ‘Drain movie cameras’, which can be useful to plumbers to select the interiors of the plumbing problem. There is a little camera linked to the end of the cable connection which can be pushed in to the strain, through which an image is actually delivered to the TV device outdoors. This will assist the actual plumbers to know the interior assistance with the tube, easily.

Garage Clogged Drain Pipe

We have all heard the saying that an ounce of avoidance is worth more than a pound of cure. That is the truism that pertains to your own home clogged garage drain pipe too. The bother alone of getting an clogged drain makes it beneficial to keep your seepage framework working at its crest by normal constant upkeep.

Remedies for Blocked Drains

Obstructed drains take place once you allow nourishment particles, cleanser along with other soil to get into your sink and drain. The particles will likely then be gathered in your drain and get blocked in there until no water could have the ability to go through it. Assuming that this befalls you, you really don’t have to stress.