What You Need to Know About Hot Water Tanks and Their Prices

A hot water tank can make a big different to your utility bills. It’s usage accounts for 16-18 percent of your energy bills, with this in mind it’s easy to see how choice of right water tank can save you good money. These days, you can easily compare hot water tank prices online before making a decision.

By using rain water and successfully linking water catchments with your water tank you will also see considerable reduction in your water bills. In the recent years, there has been considerable improvement in the technology of hot water tanks. Just by replacing your old water tank with a similar one, you won’t see any benefits.

There are mainly three types of water heaters; storage water heaters, tankless water heaters and instant hot water dispensers. Most of the homes have storage tank based water heaters. They have large white water tanks that can hold water until it’s required. On-demand water heaters are also gaining popularity. Dispensers are mostly found in older homes.

There are several benefits of hot water storage tank system. First, they’re not prone to sudden breakdowns, as with other systems. They need low maintenance, particularly if you invest in a good brand. The water pressure from these systems is usually better as well.

When searching for a good hot water tank storage system, the tank you’ll select will make a big difference. Energy ratings are very important, so note the star ratings and see how it will affect your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills. Hot water tank prices are also important.


In many parts of the US, solar systems are also gaining popularity. They are powered by panels installed on the roof and the heated water is stored in special tanks. The result is that you get hot water without using power off the grid.

If you’re using rainwater, you can link up your water tank with the rain water harvesting system. However, it is important that a good filtration system is in place, particularly if you reside in a urban area. You’ll no longer have to pay for any water usage and you will also helping the environment.