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One thing a lot of people don’t realise is that trees, which many of us appreciate for their beauty and shade, is that the roots of trees are a sewer system’s worst nightmare. Tree roots seek moisture for sustenance, so they are very much attracted to the moisture that is produced from the warm water contained within sewer pipes. Thirsty tree roots are relentless in their pursuit of water so if there is even the slightest crack in your sewer pipe, they will find it and make their way inside the pipe. Once the roots have entered the pipe, they will continue to flourish thanks to the warm water inside and they will catch any debris that passes through the pipe as they grow. The end result? You guessed it – a blocked drain.

Those three words are enough to elicit fear in most people. Whilst some blocked drains can be remedied with the aid of household drain clearers such as snake augers, drain cleaners and/or plungers, some cannot, suggesting that there in considerable damage to the sewer line. If this is the case, the sewer line will need repairing – and fast. This is when homeowners can really start to panic, imagining their precious backyard being dug up and the costs associated not only with the sewer line repair job, but the subsequent landscape repair costs.

Have you experienced any of the following lately?

  • Toilet failing to flush properly?
  • Gurgling noises coming from your basins and sinks?
  • Poor drainage of water in sinks and basins?
  • Offensive odours emanating from sewer pipes inside and/or outside your home?
  • Water gushing from your sewer gully outside?

If so, you may have a sewer system that needs serious attention. If this is the case, do not despair. Gone are the days of needing to excavate your backyard in order to overhaul your sewer system. Today there is an innovative clean method of pipe rehabilitation that removes the need to dig up your landscape and is affordable and fast. Let’s talk more about this amazing method known as ‘pipe relining’.

What is pipe relining?

As an overview, pipe relining – as you may have already guessed – involves relining damaged pipes. A tube typically made of cloth or fibreglass is steeped in an adhesive resin and inserted into the pipe. This creates in effect a new pipe within the damaged pipe. This results in their being no need to fully replace your sewer line as is done with the minimal of fuss. Pipe relining is suitable for pipes ranging from 40mm in length up to 600mm. All types of sewer pipes are suitable for this process.

How is pipe relining done?

There are a number of meticulously carried out steps in the pipe relining process. Here they are in order:

  • The first step of the pipe relining process is a brief clean of the affected or ‘host’ pipe with a high powered water jetter to prepare it for an internal video inspection.
  • Next, a CCTV sewer camera is inserted into the pipe and footage of the interior of the pipe is taken. This enables to plumber(s) to determine the nature and location of the damage. This footage is also shown to the client to help them make a confident decision as to whether or not they feel that pipe relining is suitable for their pipe rehabilitation job.
  • After the video inspection, a thorough clean of the host pipe is performed, again by using the water jetter. This is done to prepare the pipe for the installation of the liner.
  • Once the host pipe is thoroughly clean, the epoxy- resin soaked liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated to fit the pipe’s diameter neatly with an inflating device.
  • Once the liner is in place, it is left to dry or ‘cure’ for up to two hours. For larger pipes, steam may be added to the pipe in the interest of speeding up the curing time.
  • Finally, another CCTV inspection is carried out for quality control purposes.

The advantages of pipe relining

As is probably obvious to you by now, the benefits of pipe relining are numerous. Here is an overview of the reasons why more and more Australians are opting for pipe relining for their pipe rehabilitation needs:

  • It is cost-effective. As there is no need to dig up your backyard and pay for subsequent landscape repairs, nor hire a large team of plumbers or the requirement for a lot of equipment and machinery, costs are minimised.
  • It’s performed fast. Unlike methods of pipe repair that need many days to complete, pipe relining is done extremely fast – typically in a day or even in a matter of a few hours.
  • Your pipes will perform better than ever. A surprising and welcome fact about pipe relining is that pipe that have been relined become stronger than ever, even resistant to pesky tree roots. The water flow through relined pipes is smoother and steadier.
  • Made to last. We are so confident that your relined pipes will serve you well for decades to come that we guarantee our work for 50 years.

If your sewer line needs repairing, why not give pipe relining a go? With all these advantages and more, it makes perfect sense to do so. Call us today on 0488 886 281 to get the ball rolling.